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 +====== SQLines Data Tool - Database Migration from Sybase ASE to MariaDB ======
 +SQLData is a scalable, high performance data transfer, schema conversion and validation tool for Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise to MariaDB migration.
 +The tool allows you to move and validate the migration of large volumes of data and database schema within the shortest possible time frame.
 +===== Why SQLines Data =====
 +SQLines Data benefits:
 +**Scalability and High-Performance**
 +  * Transferring tables in multiple concurrent sessions
 +  * Performing concurrent read and write operations in each session
 +  * Using Sybase Client Library/C (CT-Lib) with array processing to extract data from Sybase
 +  * Using MariaDB C API with LOAD DATA INFILE command to load data to MariaDB
 +  * C/C++ application, 32-bit and 64-bit
 +  * Windows and Linux
 +**Designed for DBAs and Enterprise-Class Migrations**
 +  * Easy to set up and configure the transfer of a large number of tables
 +  * Command line with powerful and easy to use options
 +  * Wildcards to select tables
 +  * Comprehensive performance stats to help you tune the data transfer
 +  * No space required to hold Sybase export
 +  * No ADO.NET providers required
 +  * No .NET dependency
 +  * No installation required