SQLines SQL Converter New Features (In Progress)

List of in-progress features and fixes ordered by implementation priority.

  1. CREATE TABLE fixes for SQL Server to Amazon Redshift conversion
  2. Oracle 11g 30 characater identifiers
  3. Oracle reserved words
  4. MySQL column comments when converting to Oracle
  5. Oracle 12.2 long identifiers (128 characters)
  6. Oracle 12.2 column level specification for case sensitivity for tables
  7. Oracle 12.1 VARCHAR2 limits enhanced to 32767
  8. Oracle 12.1 Implicit result sets support in stored procedures (No need to use ref cursors anymore)
  9. Oracle 12.1 TOP N clauses e.g. FETCH TOP 10 ROWS ONLY
  10. Oracle 12.1 Identity columns
  11. Oracle outer join (+) to ANSI SQL conversion fix