Purchase SQLines Support

Please note that all SQLines tools are open source, you do not need to purchase any license to use them.

If you have a long running migration project, have many databases to migrate or just want to have the guaranteed support from the SQLines developers you can purchase a support package.

SQLines Standard Support

  • Support for all SQLines tools
  • Hotfixes - 3-5 days for delivery (often 1-3 days for most issues)
  • Up to 5 hotfixes per month
  • Unlimited number of incidents
  • One contact person from client
  • Email and chats
  • Consulting on migration - help with migration solutions, workarounds

You can purchase online, or please contact us for an invoice:

SQLines Advanced Support

  • Support for all SQLines tools
  • Hotfixes - 1-3 days for delivery*
  • Unlimited number of incidents and hotfixes
  • Multiple contact persons from client
  • Development of new features and customizations required for your project
  • Detailed investigation of migration issues in your environment - by SSH, VPN, dumps
  • Email, phone, web meetings and chats
  • Dedicated support by developers
  • Consulting on migration - help with migration solutions, workarounds, manual conversion

* Typically we are able to deliver most hotfixes within 1-3 days. But sometimes we need more time if we cannot easily reproduce your problem in our environment, and access to your database is not available. If the problem is related to SQL conversion we can also deliver the manually converted code.

Please contact us to discuss terms and conditions of Advanced Support tailored to your exact needs.

Migration Services

Instead of using our conversion tools and refining the conversion manually you can also ask us to fully convert your stored procedures, functions, triggers as well as applications and deliver the final results to you. This process is still highly automated so the cost of the service is approximately as low as $0.05-0.10 per line of code.

We can also help you migrate the database schema and data onsite, over a VPN connection or using database backups/dumps.

Please contact us to discuss details.