Release Notes - SQLines Data

Changes in SQLines Data tool.

Version 3.3.713

  • Using DATETIME YEAR TO FRACTION columns for sorting data for validation if there are no primary key or unique columns (from Informix)
  • Bug fix - Informix driver for Linux also returns fractional part of DATETIME YEAR TO FRACTION(n) as zero when binding as SQL_TIMESTAMP_STRUCT (from Informix)
  • Bug fix - Truncating table.dump.txt on restart on Linux

Version 3.3.711

  • Bug fix - Migrating fractional part of DATETIME YEAR TO FRACTION(n) (Informix to PostgreSQL)
  • Bug fix - Creating dump data file (table.dump.txt) and validation difference file (table_diff.txt) in the directory defined by -out option (they were always created in the current directory)
  • Bug fix - Fixing crash when extracting data from Oracle rule types (DBMS_RULE i.e. SYS.RE$NV_NODE)
  • Bug fix - Dumping DATETIME value to table_diff.txt file (from Informix)
  • Bug fix - DATETIME and TIMESTAMP data types validation (Informix to PostgreSQL)
  • Using one-based index for rows when dumping row differences to table_diff.txt file during data validation

Version 3.3.710

  • Extracting Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY spatial data in WKT Spatial format (Well-Known Text)
  • Added -dlog option to specify name and location for executed DDL statements (default is sqldata_ddl.sql)
  • Bug fix - Skip creating constraints, sequences, defaults and indexes in Truncate mode (-cmd=truncate)
  • SQLData UI - Initializing connection windows with last active connection settings (server name, user name, database etc.)
  • Extending sqldata.trc metrics for rows validation mode
  • Bug fix - Fixing SQLData UI crash when performing data validation on tables with large number of columns (validation SELECT query more than 2048 bytes)
  • Bug fix - Transferring VARCHAR data (MariaDB/MySQL to MariaDB/MySQL)