Case Studies

Case studies for some migration projects performed by the SQLines team.

An U.S. Government Agency

We provided services to migrate IBM DB2 database including stored procedures and triggers from to Oracle database.

One of the Largest Banks in Asia

SQLines team helped with migration of IBM DB2 and Oracle corporate databases to MariaDB.

Analytics Software Provider for Airline Industry

We successfully completed two projects to migrate PostgreSQL to Oracle as well as Oracle to Netezza. Both projects involved the conversion of significant number of stored procedures.

MariaDB Corporation

SQLines partners with MariaDB since 2016 to deliver migration services and tools. MariaDB's migration assessment and procedural SQL conversion professional services are based on SQLines tools.

Oracle Corporation

SQLines team cooperates with the Oracle Migration team to deliver migration solutions for Oracle mostly from IBM DB2, Sybase, Informix, Teradata databases.

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