Why SQLines

Tools for the Entire Database Migration

Most tools focus on data migration only.

SQLines tools also helps you migrate the most complex, challenging, time-consuming and expensive part of any database migration project: server-side business logic (stored procedures, functions, triggers, packages) as well as queries, SQL statements and scripts.

Enterprise-Class Migrations

Many vendors offer fancy UI that works well for a demo (like renaming a few tables or columns using UI), but not for real enterprise migrations.

SQLines tools provide high automation and customization of the migration process that is easy to set up for thousands of database objects and SQL scripts. Our tools are simple but extremely powerful and available on Linux and Windows platforms.

High Automation, Low Cost and Time to Market

SQLines conversion tools allows you to highly automate the migration process including procedural logic and applications.

High Quality of Automated Code Conversion

There are some tools that can help you automate the conversion of procedural SQL code. Most of them cannot be used in real migration projects due to the following reasons:

  • Producing “Machine-Generated” Code

Such tools generate unmaintainable code. After migration it is extremely hard to understand the code, support it and add new functionality.

  • Losing Formatting and Code Style

Such tools unnecessarily change every lines of code, reformat it, change keywords to upper/lower case and so on. This complicates the code review for the migration (you have to review every line).

  • Unnecessary Use of Custom User-Defined Functions (UDFs) to Simplify “Porting”

Instead of converting to native high-performance built-in functions, such tools often use a set of UDFs to simplify porting. Queries and procedures may work but performance can be really bad.

Moreover, instead of having a pure code for the new database platform, you will have a mix of the old and new databases after the migration. This increases TCO of the migrated database.

SQLines approach is completely different. Our tools produce high quality results, preserving formatting, code style, comments and so on. You can try it Online to see the results.

Sometimes you need time to grasp what was converted because the source and target code looks very similar. The migrated code is easy to review and maintain.

We do migration caring about developers who will maintain and support the migrated databases. For businesses, migration to pure target platform, not old-new mix, ensures the lowest TCO for the new data platform.

Supporting Many Popular Databases

We support almost all database migrations, so the same team, tools and processes can be utilized for all your database and application migration projects.

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