SQLines Data Tool - Database Migration from Informix to PostgreSQL

SQLines Data is a scalable, high performance data transfer, schema conversion and validation tool for Informix to PostgreSQL migration.

The tool requires connections to Informix (ODBC/CLI without ODBC Manager) and PostgreSQL (libpq C API) databases. To convert SQL statements and scripts, use SQLines tool.

  • Informix 11.x, 10.x, 9.x and 7.x
  • PostgreSQL 9.x and 8.x

Why SQLines Data

SQLines Data benefits:

Advanced Database Schema Conversion Features

  • Supporting DATETIME data types with various time units (HOUR TO MINUTE, MINUTE TO SECOND etc.)
  • Supporting SERIAL columns
  • Supporting TEXT, CLOB, BYTE and BLOB data transfer

Migration Validation

  • Comparing the number of rows in Informix and PostgreSQL tables
  • Comparing column data in each row in Informix and PostgreSQL tables

Scalability and High-Performance

  • Transferring tables in multiple concurrent sessions
  • Performing concurrent read and write operations in each session
  • Using Informix ODBC/CLI (without Database Manager) with array processing to extract data from Informix
  • Using PostgreSQL libpq C API with COPY command to load data to PostgreSQL
  • Multithreaded C/C++ application

Designed for DBAs and Enterprise-Class Migrations

  • Easy to set up and configure the transfer of a large number of tables
  • Command line with powerful and easy to use options
  • Wildcards to select tables
  • Comprehensive performance stats to help you tune the data transfer
  • No space required to hold Informix export
  • No ADO.NET providers required
  • No .NET dependency
  • No installation required

Logging and Statistics

  • Comprehensive performance stats to help you tune the data transfer
  • Execution time for each DDL statement
  • Read and write performance for each table (rows/sec and bytes/sec)
  • Saving all executed DDL SQL statements into .sql file
  • Saving all failed DDL SQL statements into a separate .sql file
  • Summary performance information

Technical Support and Custom Solutions

  • Direct support from the development team and migration experts
  • Immediate software fixes and updates
  • Custom features by request